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The Springfield Education Foundation (“the Foundation”) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing grants for educational programs including academic, recreational, musical and art programs in the School District of Springfield Township.  The Foundation is a member of the NJ Education Foundation Partnership [1] and the National School Foundation Association [2] to accept donations from generous benefactors.  All donations are 100% tax deductible.


The Foundation exists because money matters for early childhood education outcomes.  The school district has only limited funds which are not enough to implement innovative programs, services and technology which our kids need and deserve.  Aside from operational costs, insurance and funds spent on service providers and payments, one hundred percent (100%) of the proceeds received from benefactors are given directly back to the school.

The Foundation supports our talented and passionate teachers who are improving learning outcomes on a limited budget.  Our teachers should have the funding necessary to implement programs which develop students’ potential in academic, physical, social, emotional, cultural and moral aspects.  These programs cannot be made with state aid and local tax revenue alone.

State aid is being continually cut and will ultimately leave a harsh impact on student programming, staffing and operations.  The school district is projecting a loss in state aid to increase dramatically over the next several years.  This loss presents a critical fiscal challenge.  Grants provided by the Foundation will help offset the reduction in state aid over these several years.  Offsetting an amount this large will be made easier due to the help of our Foundation’s benefactors in combination with hard work and sacrifice.

The Foundation is seeking support from generous benefactors including individuals, i.e. parents, relatives, community members as well as large and small businesses.  The Foundation is also seeking volunteers to provide support for events including fundraisers and other charitable events.

The Officers of the Foundation include Nicholas Russo in the role of Board President and Secretary, Michael Genovese in the role of Board Vice President and Treasurer and Keith Rambo in the role of Director of Technology.  The Foundation’s accounting is performed by John M. Florentino Jr, EA, of Sharp Tax and Accounting, LLC.  All proceeds are held Berkshire Bank, Hamilton, NJ.

Tax ID #833-411-313/000

[1] NJ Education Foundation Partnership (

[2] National School Foundation Association (

Springfield Elementary Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization


The Springfield Elementary Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service.
All contributions/gifts are tax deductible.

Consider your tax deductible contribution an investment that will allow Springfield Township children a brighter future.
Investing in their future will have a direct impact on our local values and quality of life.

Springfield Elementary Foundation places the highest priority on protecting the privacy of our donors and holds all donor
information in strict confidence.
The Foundation does not and will not sell or trade a donor’s personal information to any other entity.
Our tax ID # is 833-411-313/000.

School Supplies
Families are our neighbors in Springfield Township

When you donate or volunteer to Springfield Elementary Foundation, you can feel confident that your time and money will directly
support activities and materials that help children who are our childrens’ classmates in Springfield Township Elementary
Schools and whose families are our neighbors in Springfield Township.

Invest in Springfield Township Future

By design, Springfield Elementary Foundation is well-positioned to have a positive impact: We draw on the talents and financial support
of local people who want to help others in our township, and we invest all of these resources in our programs.